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Title: 2018/7/30 13:17:03
Hi there, Grubhub is expanding our delivery service to your area. We have an awesome platform where people go to find restaurants and we'd like to feature your restaurant so they have an option to order form you as well. Who would I talk with about listing your menu? Best, Ranee Wilson/

Title: 2017/12/21 18:45:09
I placed $60 order tonight and it was not very good the Fried Chicken was burnt even part of the pork ribs was kind of burnt the egg roll was was tough and over-cooked the donuts are burnt I can't even eat them this is the first time this has happened I usually get all my orders here now I'm going to have to second-guess it

Title: 2017/11/28 11:23:10
Hello, I tried to reach you earlier this month to schedule a tasting of our organic and fair trade coffees however I have not yet heard back. Are you interested in adding new selections to your coffee repertoire? If so, please get back to me! If you are not looking to make any changes to your menu at this time, kindly let me know and I will leave you alone with hopes that you will keep One World Roasters in mind. Best regards!

Title: 2017/11/27 16:43:57

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